Customer success is your success (Lisa Schreiber, Chief Customer Officer, BlackLine)
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Customer success is your success (Lisa Schreiber, Chief Customer Officer, BlackLine)

Lisa Schreiber is Chief Customer Officer at BlackLine. Lisa has spent over 2 decades in IT and Customer success roles in start-ups through Fortune 500 companies including Forcepoint, Oracle, GoldenGate, Charles Schwab and Apple. In SaaS business, they say, 100% of your time should be spent on customer retention. In this pod, Lisa shares her valuable insights on why Customer Success is such a critical function in SaaS product companies.

(3:36) Upbringing- Lisa was brought up in Western Pennsylvania as an outdoor girl. “I had more skinned knees than you can imagine”. These experiences helped her build a more resilient character. Not having more than enough infused the hunger to do well.

(6:03) Customer Success vs customer support- customer success cares about the value the customer is receiving from the product vis a vis support tries to keep the customer at the same value level. Companies need to treat their customers well all the time to get their business and not just at the time of renewals.

(20:14) Lisa feels that the startups should start thinking about having a customer success function right from the start as the first set of customers in a business are really special as they help build relationships and their feedback is extremely critical. 

(30:52) Automation Vs the human touch - Lisa explains that everything that can be automated should be automated. However, at times the customer needs to call you, be available and be quick to solve their queries even if it means putting more customer rep on the line. In the long run, this would lead to customer happiness and employee satisfaction.

(37:50) The most important lessons on managing up-

  1. Find out the missing pieces in your career to reach the end goal and then go after them.
  2. The component from work- What do you get out of it? 
  3. Take what you have and make the best of it.

(41:29) How to get better at negotiating- better roles, better pay

People should practice negotiating on the small things to build practice. The negotiation for the job starts at the headhunter level and then stick to the increase or  role you want and anything else that is of value to you.

(46:31) Advice for getting the right roles or the top positions- Lisa says At some point you have to become a storyteller and your own marketer.”. Keep repeating the successes you have achieved in different groups and to different audiences and be okay about it. Say it at different meetings, in different words and keep repeating it. So, when you are contending for the next big role, your achievements will be at the back of your mind and are going to be very natural.

(51:19) Advice for Parents- Dont give all your energy to your job or to your family  either. Save some for yourself. A happier you will lead to a happier family.

And the other is to give your kids smaller challenges to solve so they can take up the bigger challenges with confidence. Give them space to grow and evolve.

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